Patient Education

Dental implants offer a unique alternative regarding tooth loss for patients. Although conventional dentures and other bridgework types have been successfully serving patients for decades, these approaches are not suitable for everyone. Existing denture wearers might also be unhappy with their prosthetic’s fit or feel and would like to consider other alternatives.

Dr. Danielle Wehle along with the rest of the Advanced Dental Care team want to let patients in Santa Clara, CA know about some of the amazing qualities that implants can offer to those with missing teeth. 

1. Implants Are a Permanent Solution

Dentures are held in check using adhesives, whereas dental implants have a strong titanium post that is firmly anchored into your jaw. The post is paired with a dental crown, which is the implant’s visible part. The crown is carefully crafted to complement neighboring teeth in order to achieve an impeccable and natural appearance.

2. Implants Offer Patients Greater Freedom and Confidence

You can do all you normally things in a more comfortable way with implants, including: 

  • Speaking
  • Biting
  • Chewing
  • Smiling
  • Brushing
  • Flossing

With the aid of dental implants, such daily routines can be simple and trouble-free. You don’t have to wonder if your new denture cleanser will do its job; with your ideal toothpaste, dental implants can be treated much like the rest of your teeth. This helps save money when it comes to specialized cleaners and adhesives.

3. Dental Implants Preserve Bone Structure

Whenever a tooth is missing, your jaw bone can start to break down slowly, since there is no longer the stimulus provided by the root of the tooth. That’s why some patients find that over the long term their dentures do not match as effectively. The titanium post of an implant takes the place of a tooth root, which helps maintain the integrity and strength of the jawbone.

A Great Solution for Patients

If dental implants are on your mind and you want more information on this process, contact our offices today in Santa Clara, CA to speak with Dr. Wehle.

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