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Which Type of Teeth Whitening is Best?

There are many ways to whiten your teeth, including toothpastes, over the counter gels, rinses, strips, and trays. However, to get the best and fastest results for this cosmetic dentistry procedure, visiting a dentist like Dr. Danielle Wehle in Santa Clara, CA can yield the best results. Teeth whitening by dentists is the safest and most sure way to see immediate results. Some procedures are done in office and some are performed at home. Make an appointment today to see which type of teeth whitening is the best for you!

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Professional Teeth Whitening

Over-the-counter options for whitening discolored teeth seem endless these days, but how do you know which method will work? You can waste a lot of time and money on ineffective teeth whitening systems. Dr. Wehle will inform you of all of your whitening options including which one will be the most effective to brighten your discolored teeth. Not all teeth are the same and your teeth will whiten at a different pace than other’s teeth. Your diet can affect teeth whitening treatments. How much red wine, coffee, or tea you consume and if you are smoker are directly related to the effectiveness of your whiting treatment. Some people have chemically discolored teeth from medication that is resistant to many over-the-counter teeth whitening systems. Dr. Wehle will be able to whiten your teeth with a custom treatment plan to deliver the best results. She offers Zoom! professional whitening, Start Pure® and an at-home teeth whitening system involving bleaching gel with trays.

We offer better results because:

  • We Have Stronger Bleaching Agents
  • We Use Custom Made Mouthpiece Trays
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  • We Use Additional Protective Measures
  • We Have Better Treatment Planning

Advantages for Teeth Whitening with Dr. Wehle

There are big differences in the quality of bleaching agents that you can get at your local pharmacy versus those provided by Dr. Wehle. Some differences include:

Dr. Wehle will take an impression of your mouth for custom fitting bleaching trays. Over the counter “one-size-fits-all” trays can cause bleach to spill out not only burning your gums but also not effectively bleaching your teeth.

Dr. Wehle will provide you with a stronger bleaching agent, usually made with 15 to 43 percent carbamide peroxide, opposed to only the 10 to 25 percent you can get over-the-counter. She can supervise your use and many patients can get four to eight shades whiter with the trays and six to 10 shades whiter with Zoom!

Barriers and protective gels are used in-office to protect your gums and other soft tissues from being chemically burned.

Save time and money with an effective whitening system designed for you, not on a “shot in the dark” over-the-counter method from the local drug store.

Have a Brighter Smile Tomorrow!

Schedule your professional teeth whitening appointment today and be on your way to a whiter, more attractive smile!