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Many people do not realize how big of a deal damaged teeth really are. More than for just aesthetic reasons, damaged teeth can cause major oral cavity issues. When you are suffering from damaged, cracked or decaying teeth, you leave yourself to be more susceptible to infection, speech impairments, eating troubles and more. When infection begins in the oral cavity, you also risk affecting your overall body health. There are many options that dentists provide that allow for better oral hygiene and optimal cosmetics. A couple of the options available are veneers and crowns.


Veneers are a jacket for a tooth. They can be placed on one tooth or many, and can completely change the aesthetics of a smile. Veneers are typically made of porcelain, and cover the natural tooth. Before a veneer is placed, the doctor will shave down the natural tooth, for a flusher look. From there, the veneer is adhered, creating a flawless smile. Porcelain veneers are a perfect option for those who have minor flaws, like discoloration, chips, or ridges.


Dental crowns are placed on top of the tooth, acting like a full cover and a new tooth. Crowns are also referred to as caps, and are usually placed for severe cracks. Crowns are a great option for patients who have large gaps in their teeth that could allow for a cavity or larger decay to set in. The crown will completely cover the natural tooth, creating a tooth looking structure that completely covers the natural tooth, which allows it to not decay any further. On average, crowns can last for about a decade, depending on how well you take care of your teeth.

The need for crowns or veneers can be for a multitude of reasons. No matter the reason for needing them and whichever you and your dentist decide to choose, you will have your perfect smile. If you’re ready to solve your dental problem, contact Dr. Wehle and team for a consultation. At this consultation, you will be more educated on the options you have available to you.

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